Spreading the writing bug

“I never used to write – it never occurred to me. If I had a problem I would just take the dog for a walk to think it through. But since Juliet talked to us about there being NO RULES in our personal journal, I’ve somehow given myself permission to write. I haven’t stopped in fact all weekend, and the poor dog is looking very sorry for himself!”

Our writing workshops were borne out of a desire to share with others the amazing therapeutic benefits of writing.

Hands-on, applied and extremely practical, our workshops are designed so that you walk away with a new skill rather than a head full of theory.

Learn to Journal

The concept of journaling is not new.  And the benefits that journal-writers get out of simply putting their experiences, thoughts and feelings down on paper are huge.

But it’s something few people think they have the ability or time for.

In a hands-on, applied workshop, we give you the tools and ‘springboards’ which will enable you to embark on a journey of ‘writing for well-being’, writing to get to know yourself.

Here are a few things that participants have said after attending a journaling workshop:

“It’s been wonderful. Thanks for unlocking my thoughts.” – Helen B.

“I came not expecting to go away wanting to journal – but in fact I do!” – Gail H.

“An interesting day which was constructive and non-threatening.” – Iris L.

“A day of great exercises and inspiration – a real turning point!” – Bruce C.

“Insightful, inspiring and motivating. Thankyou VERY much” – Emma D

“A great day – I am inspired to continue journaling – thank you” – Monica T

“Thanks very much for the inspiring workshop – I hadn’t realised there were so many approaches to journaling” – Ruth O.

” I enjoyed the workshop very much. Very encouraging atmosphere. Well-paced and good variety of exercises” Susan F.

Next workshop

Saturday 12 February 2010 at Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon, from 10.00am til 4pm.

“Introduction to journal-writing for personal development and well-being” – a day of learning, reflection, writing, lovely food, and friendly company.

Cost £40 per person.

To reserve your place on this brand new workshop, contact us as soon as possible.