Time to Reflect

by Juliet Platt on November 28, 2010

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Sometimes life is too busy to stop and think, or to truly reflect on our progress.

Yet as we approach the close of the month – and also the close of the year – it feels like a naturally reflective time.

One of my most favourite journaling exercises is one I learned from journaling expert Kathleen Adams. It’s called Time Capsuling.

This is when you look back over a week or a month – whatever time period feels comfortable for you – and capture the salient moments and experiences on paper. As I’m such a sucker for stationery I allow myself a completely separate notebook for this, one that I relish picking up on the last day of each month, because that’s the time frame that feels right for my own rhythm.

Since November 2009 I’ve been taking a page a month in a beautiful A5 notebook to reflect back over all that I’ve accomplished, learned and been challenged by in that given period.

Typically when we think about planning we often look out into the future, to a date yet to come, by when we hope to have achieved certain things, to have arrived somewhere new in our circumstances or our learning.

Take a moment to close your eyes and point to your goal. See it in your mind’s eye and point there.

Where are you pointing? Is it ahead of you, beyond you, somewhere unreachable?

In that case how do you hope to get there?

Or is it within you, something you carry with you all the time, which is always available to you? Something that you are doing right now, probably effortlessly, which defines your current path, and which will take you into the future?

By reflecting on what we’ve done already and on where we’ve been this week, this month or this season, gives us a new perspective on where we’re heading. We can use our immediate past to inform our next steps, and can come to recognise the contribution we’re already making, probably without realising, that will shape our future.

As the season grows colder and darker, and nature withdraws into itself to hibernate, we too can learn from our experiences, and in our reflections, find new strength and direction.

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