Breathing space

by Juliet Platt on August 11, 2010

in Work life balance

As we head towards week 4 of the summer holidays the silly season is well and truly in full swing. It’s increasingly tricky to get hold of anyone you want to speak to because they’re all away, and with the kids off school there’s still work to juggle round them.

Nevertheless I hope you are finding some breathing space.

Modern parents feel a huge amount of pressure to entertain their little ones, keep them out of trouble and spend quality time doing wholesome activities.

Sometimes it’s exhausting and expensive to keep trawling through the “what’s on” and “great days out” guides, ticking off distractions as you go. There is always that sense of pressure of what to do next, or wondering whether you’ll be able to clear the work decks in order to get to what to do next.

This is how my summer has been so far. And it’s been quite draining.

But today something gave. I don’t quite know why but suddenly I felt no pressure to arrange the next thing. The kids were happy playing Lego Star Wars on the wii, the washing was hanging on the line to dry,and suddenly there was nothing to do but sit in the sunshine.

It felt like a crack of light had appeared at the end of the tunnel, letting in warmth and oxygen and the scent of jasmine and roses and lilies. The claustrophobia started to lift and I had a physical sense of being able to breathe deeply.

The countdown to our camping holiday has begun. It feels like we’ll be able to slide quite joyfully down the water-chute of next week’s packing and sorting and make a noisy triumphant splash into our late summer break.

Here’s to your breathing space and your final summer fling. Make it count, and start the new working year thrilled and refreshed.

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