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by Juliet Platt on June 11, 2010

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It’s been a time of manic deadlines, school holidays, a lovely week in the sun in Turkey, a birthday, and,  just this week, an exciting trip up to Edinburgh to deliver module 2 of the Stillpoint Professional Coaching Programme alongside my super-focussed and straight-talking Aussie colleague Billy Hall.

Hence, not a lot of writing has been happening.

But not to worry. Sometimes you’ve just got to live in order to have something to write about!

I’ve been working with Stillpoint for about a year, having been invited to come on board as their journalling guru. Journalling is a great tool in personal development work so I was thrilled to get involved and bring some writing ideas to the party. Since joining  I’ve also stepped up to delivering the coach training modules with Stillpoint, which is fantastic, as their model is so powerful and such fun to work with.

Module 2 of the coach training programme focusses on how as coaches we can help our clients shift their mindset and their perspective, in order to take more concerted and meaningful action in their lives and work.

 Entrenched points of view have got to be the most stubborn obstacles to shift in organisations where people have become very set in their ways, resistant to change and fearful about their job security and their role. So finding ways to work with such mindsets, to gradually loosen them and allow new perspectives to shift into view, opening up new possiblities and unblocking stagnant energy, is a key function of the coaching approach.

It’s also a way to take life more lightly. It would be very easy to beat myself up about not having written my blog for a long while. Stories could start to build in my head about already running out of steam, about becoming easily distracted, about being an ace beginner but not a follower-through. These might be the sort of self-criticisms that could cause people to give up.

However, by knowing that these are just perspectives, probably belonging to my inner gremlins, and that they will only be of consequence if I choose to give them life, I’m free to choose a different point of view.

And the point of view I’m choosing is not to worry. As I mentioned before life can sometimes get in the way of writing, but ultimately that makes writing that little bit more, well, alive.

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Lynn Hull June 17, 2010 at 6:59 am

We’re so delighted to have you on board. Presenting perspectives from your own particular standpoint of ‘stuckness’ is a great one. It makes it so much easier to see what’s happening when our own particular thought police get a grip!

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