When did you last write to your customers?

by Juliet Platt on May 5, 2010

in Copy writing

Hopefully the nation will get back to normal after tomorrow and we can return to the business of communicating with each other without the spectre of the unknown hanging over us.

Keeping up with the election campaign this year has been quite an eye-opener in terms of communcations. How the main parties have been communicating with the electorate has, I think, been pretty disappointing, given the myriad ways of getting the message across.

I’ve had a phone call from the Labour Party, a couple of emails from the Libdems and a forest of flyers through the door from the Tories. It feels like our politicians haven’t quite moved with the times in terms of how to reach out to the public, engage and inform them. We’ve had a lot of rhetoric as usual, but not an awful lot of relationship building.

As business people, we can learn from the mistakes of this year’s parliamentary candidates. OK, so we might not have the luxury of 8 million TV viewers tuning in to hear what we have to say about our product and service offerings, nor do we have an army of leaflet stuffers tramping the pavements and littering our doormats with advertising bumph.

But if we use what we DO have a lot better then we might just prove that we have more sway in our customers’ and prospects’ minds than the politicians have shown in the choice of the voters.

Do you have a list of customers who have bought from you in the past? Do you have new products, services or offers that they might be interested in buying now?

Do your customers have any friends, colleagues, or contacts of their own whose needs might be met by your business, in a similar way to how you served your customers?

When was the last time you wrote to your customers to ask them how they’re doing, how their needs are changing and to tell them about your business?

How would you rate your relationship with your customers? How far do you trust that they have you front of mind when they think about the service you offer?

Making better use of straightforward tools such as email and social networking means that you can keep your customers informed, and make sure that they think of you as the expert in your field.

Let’s hope tomorrow delivers us such a result.

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