Feeling a little preoccupied

by Juliet Platt on May 13, 2010

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It’s been a rollercoaster week, but at last the dust is settling around Westminster and Huw Edwards can finally come back indoors after freezing his nuts off outside Downing St every night.

We have Cameron and Clegg leading the first coalition government in 60-odd years. Iimagine them sitting up Morecambe-and-Wise style in their double bed, Cameron in blue, Clegg in yellow silk pyjamas. How cosy.

In fact I can’t help feeling rather optimistic about what happens next. I realise that I am now of an age with the Prime Minister and his Deputy. We were all at school during the Thatcher years, finishing university in the early 90s and establishing our careers when Blair came to power in 1997. This gives me a feeling that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to understand and sympathise with what they’ll have to say in government, and that some of it might echo the thoughts and aspirations of my generation. Fingers crossed.

So the reason for my preoccupation is that I’m competing tomorrow evening in Swindon’s very first Think Slam. Eight contestants will take to the stage to put forward in three minutes an idea which then gets judged by a philosophical audience.

All week I’ve been waiting for inspiration and then honing the 400 or so words, in the hope that I won’t get booed off. And I’ve been blown away this week by some excellent speakers, not only outside number 10, but also here in Swindon in the shape of Michael Portillo, Carol Ann Duffy and Tom Hodgkinson. Entertaining, moving and enlightening. As long as I can emulate them in at least one of these qualities tomorrow I will be well pleased.

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