by Juliet Platt on April 30, 2010

in Journaling

One of favourite books about journaling is “Journal to the Self” by Kathleen Adams. And one of my favourite journaling exercises that Kathleen writes about is the time capsule. And today’s the day!

At the end of each month I take a page in my time capsule journal to write my reflections on the month just gone by. I write down what I’ve achieved, what challenges I’ve had, books I’ve read, things I’ve written, trips I’ve taken, what the kids have been up to – literally anything and everything that I recall from the previous 30 days.

So today is 30th April and I get to reflect on everything that’s been and gone¬†this month.

Well of course I got my new website up and running, and I got very clear on what my business message is.

We went to France for the Easter break and got to ski in the Pyrenees, as well as finally seeing my friend and colleague Lynn’s beautiful home in Mazerolles. My son got a glowing report at his first parents’ evening since joining his new school, and my daughter bowled us over with her strength and stamina in the mountains – not bad for a six year old.

And on our return from hols I delivered a lecture on Hypocrisy to Swindon Philosophical Society. Little ol’ me!

What’s weird is that this time-capsule process works for me almost exactly like goal setting, except it seems to be in reverse.

How can it be goal setting when I’m looking back instead of looking forwards?

I think it’s got something to do with the intentions that I’ve set for myself.

Instead of goals I set intentions – who I want to be, what I want to learn, where I want to go, how I want to express myself. Sometimes I have a very specific list of “to dos” but more often than not I follow my instinct, and then trust that¬†with the right intentions I’ll end up achieving everything I hoped and more.

And what I’ve noticed since the start of the year when I began time-capsuling is the amount of stuff I’ve achieved and learned so far. It’s almost as if I’ve slowed time down, by reflecting on and savouring every moment in my journal.

Sonic screwdriver anyone?

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