Election virtually won or lost

by Juliet Platt on April 29, 2010

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The final television debate before the General Election has graced our screens this evening, with the three party leaders more bullish and animated than at both the previous debates put together. 

I don’t ever remember the British people being as engaged with an election campaign than they currently seem to be. The power of television eh? How come we never spotted that before?

But as I’m trying to decide who to vote for I notice how important it has been for me to find out information on the internet about the different party policies and about the views and personalities of candidates. These days politcians need to engage people over blogs and social networking media more than on the doorstep.

(And since Duffy-gate yesterday we all know the dangers of door-to-door campaigning, and the perils of nipping out for a loaf of bread.)

For a country tweeting and twittering with the best of them, it’s vital that our politicians have a profile online. And yet when I went to look for the details of one local candidate, not only did he not have his own website, his profile didn’t even appear on the main website of his party.

Dear oh dear.  We live in a world where information needs to be readily available, relevant and fast. People make decisions based on what they read, and based on the sense of approachability and efficiency they get as they interact with others in the virtual world.

Hopefully our politics is just starting to catch up with what the electorate need in order to be able to vote responsibly. And for those who haven’t caught up yet, they may as well stop worrying about how they’ll manage their expense claims.

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